Couperose is redness of the skin that usually accompanies a disease called rosacea which is a dilation of small superficial veins of the skin or also called capillaries dollars, which primarily affecting the cheeks, nose, chin and sometimes the neckline.

It is more common in women between 35 and 65 years of white skin and it is especially aggravated in the years of the menopause. In men, it is less frequent, and unlike women, the men suffert it in especially in the nose.

Not yet know the exact cause that causes the couperose, but if that is known that intervene hereditary factors, some medications such as antihypertensives that are used to lower blood pressure, dietary factors such as abuse of coffee, alcohol, snuff or meals very spicy. Also they influence, especially in women, factors of emotional and hormonal type.

The manifestation is usually moderate or severe redness and appears especially with temperature changes cold to heat. Fact that doctors call, technically, the FLUSHING phenomenon (as if it were a flash) and can be very annoying socially for those who suffer it.

The treatment consists of applying creams that seek to reduce the blood flow and while disguise the deep red color. These products have modest efficacy and are recommended especially as prevention of the condition. The really radical treatment to eliminate this excess capillaries is the use of laser vascular that definitively closes all dilated veins. Usually it required three or four sessions to over a year to disappear fully and finally. It is not painful and can cause minor discomfort for two or three days after the procedure.