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Dra. Alba Salas Espies

Comprehensive beauty

I am a specialist in Functional, Regenerative and Aesthetic Gynecology, as well as in Facial and Body Aesthetic Medicine. I attach great importance to closeness, honesty and naturalness in dealing with my patient, seeking a balance between health and beauty.

Gynecology is a very rewarding specialty, as it brings balance to the patient’s personal life. It allows me to accompany my patients in all stages of their lives, from adolescence, reproductive age and older adulthood, since childbirth, menopause, hormonal alterations, oncological treatments, or physiological aging can cause changes in the tissue of the vulva and vagina.

The most prominent conditions that affect the patient’s quality of life are mainly stress incontinence, vaginal atrophy or hyperlaxity, conditions that affect day-to-day life, but especially in the sexual sphere.

With current innovative treatments such as the use of vaginal and vulvar CO2 laser, the application of hyaluronic acid and the application of platelet-rich plasma, we respond to pelvic floor disorders, and balance vulvo-vaginal health.

Regarding the field of facial and body aesthetic medicine, my goal is to offer patients treatments aimed at improving their appearance, always respecting their personality and physiognomy.

Aesthetic medicine allows us to recover lost volumes, improve and correct small asymmetries, improving our appearance and consequently our emotional well-being.

About myself

  • Surgeon, Central University of Venezuela, Venezuela, 2010.
  • Specialist in Gynecology and Human Reproduction, Hospital ‘Carlos J. Bello’, Venezuelan Red Cross, Venezuela, 2015.
  • Specialization in Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, University of Alcala, Madrid, 2019.
  • Master in Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine, Complutense University of Madrid, 2018.
  • Postgraduate specialization in Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology and Cosmetic Genital Surgery for women, University of Barcelona, 2019.
  • Gynecologist specialist in Reproductive Medicine, Easyfiv Clinic, Barcelona, 2020.
  • Aesthetic Doctor Tredic Medical Center, El Masnou, 2020.
  • Aesthetic doctor at Dray Clinic, Barcelona, 2020.
  • Medical Specialist in Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology, Clínica Esthetic BCN, Barcelona, 2019.
  • Aesthetic Doctor at Dray Clinic. Madrid, 2019
  • Aesthetic Doctor Medical Laser Unity at Diamela Clinic. Madrid, 2019.
  • Doctor, Reproductive Medicine Consultation, Ginefiv assisted reproduction clinic. Madrid, 2018-2019.
  • Gynecologist and specialist in human reproduction. Cala, Comprehensive Clinical Unit for Women. Caracas, Venezuela, 2016-18.
  • Associate Doctor of the Gynecology service of the ‘Carlos J. Bello’ Hospital, Venezuelan Red Cross, Caracas, 2016-17.