Early diagnosis of skin cancer (mole scanner analyzer)

Skin cancer is currently the most common human tumor and its incidence does nothing but increase progressively. The early diagnosis of skin cancer is the main prognostic factor, there is a direct relationship between the time of tumor progression and the morbidity and mortality of it.

Within skin cancers, there are three types that include the vast majority of them. The first group is related to chronic cumulative sun exposure (basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma) and the other group is compound by melanoma, which has more to do with intermittent intense sun exposure (burns) and derives from moles. It is the latter that has greater potential for life-threatening outcome, so it is essential to conduct periodic checkups of moles for the early detection of malignant and premalignant skin conditions that can reduce the likelihood of future complications.


In the field of early diagnosis of skin cancer, digital epiluminescence is a milestone. This technique allows you to explore all the skin using a scanner magnification polarized light, which automatically and digitally stores all pigmented lesions in a photo database. This allows a very precise control of the minimum changes that may be a signal of malignant outcome in the future. It is also a basic tool for the immediate diagnosis of a skin cancer. The use of digital epiluminescence improves th prognosis of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell and melanoma, reducing morbidity and mortality of the same, as it allows early diagnosis of these lesions and proceed to its most appropriate form of treatment from the bvery beginning.

In DermAndTek we are proud to use the system scanner Fotofinder Bodyscan, which performs a full body map and digitized images in a single session in a completely safe procedure for the patient.