Micropigmentation, also known as permanent makeup, is an aesthetic technique that involves the insertion of pigments into the epidermis Its purpose is to correct, balance and highlight the facial features of each person to beautify and rejuvenate the expression of the face while providing comfort and elegance.

Permanent makeup also helps to correct physical defects that involve alterations of self-esteem and / or confidence in the person, especially in people with very visible scars or oncological patients.

Oncology Micropigmentation

After a mastectomy, by means of micropigmentation the reconstruction of the areola or the areoles is achieved. In the case of not having reconstructed the nipple during the surgery, by means of the pigmentation of the skin with different shades, it is possible to create a 3D optical effect that simulates it.

Micropigmentation also removes periareolar postoperative scars and asymmetries between the two breasts are resolved.

In cancer patients with chemotherapy treatment, a densification of the eyelashes and eyebrows can be performed, thus providing a situation of comfort and normality to the patient.

Facial Micropigmentation


Eye liner micropigmentation aims to provide a more expressive look, with more life and to simulate a greater volume of eyelashes.


Treatment to correct imperfections, to give volume or to simply apply the technique “full blush” to give color to the labial mucosa.


Through the technique MICROBLANDING (hair to hair) achieves several effects: camouflage a sparsely populated eyebrow, make it longer or make it more angular or remarked. It is also used to correct some kind of imperfection or asymmetry between both.

Paramedic micropigmentation


A specific micropigmentation technique is used to achieve the shaving effect in patients, simulating hair growth.