Dr. Francisco López Gil 

Dr. López Gil is a specialist in Dermatology to Medical Center Teknon of Barcelona.

Take care of our skin is part of the decision to be careful us. Our inner is connected with our outside. Take care of our body requires us to worry about our skin. Follow the recommendations of the dermatologist provides health and wellness.

Enjoy a better look provides joy and delusion, to the point of being an engine health. In DermAndTek we offer effective treatments and exceptionally safe for those people who want to look younger, taking care at the same time health and preventing the more negative effects of aging.

About myself

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Barcelona in 1981.
  • Specialist in Medical Surgical Dermatology and Venereology via MIR at the Hospital of the Sacred Heart of Barcelona.
  • Associate of Dermatology at the Hospital of the Sacred Heart of Barcelona with subspecialty in cutaneous oncology, dermatologic surgery and laser therapy.
  • Founder of the Dermatology Unit of Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona. He is currently a leading member of the unit, as medical director of the same. Currently working a total of eleven dermatologists and perform healthcare tasks of the different areas of the specialty: Cutaneous Oncology (especially its treatment with surgery), prevention of skin cancer, non-surgical treatment of cutaneous cancer non melanoma, pediatric Dermatology, aesthetics Dermatology, advanced treatments with dermatologic laser for medical pathology and aesthetic medical condition and current treatments for diseases of the hair.
  • Founder and Medical Director of the Dermandtek Clinic Andorra.