Acne marks

Acne marks are the main sequel to a very common process that affects the face. The combination of non-ablative laser and fractionel ablative laser provides an excellent solution for renewing and smoothing damaged skin.

The non-ablative fractionated laser allows to stimulate the collagen synthesis of the skin in the areas where the secondary depressed acne scars are. This device allows, through several sessions, gradually filling the defects of the scars and homogenize the skin surface improving the appearance of the treated areas.

The ablative fractionated laser is a laser with a more intense effect than the previous one and the combination of both lasers allows to resolve deeper marks and in more deteriorated skins.

The main advantage of this treatment is that a very good result is obtained without forming crusts or wounds that force the patient to take a few days off for recovery. With this device only appears redness and mild inflammation for a few hours (usually less than 6h), so it is possible to perform the treatment maintaining the normal rhythm of life.