The mollusks are the manifestation of a cutaneous infection by a virus (Poxvirus). They appear as rounded and bright papules (“pimples”) that are usually located to different areas of the body simultaneously, grouped or not. They are more common in the limbs and trunk. It isn’t usual for them to appear on the face.

Mollusks are typical of children, especially children who perform activities in the pool. The original name of this infection is “molluscum contagiosum“, so it is already clear that they are an easily contagious and habitual process among classmates, of sports activity or between siblings.

They usually do not produce any symptomatology and can initially be confused by a “little pimple” of inverted hair, so it is frequent that, when the patient comes to the consultation, the symptom takes weeks or months of evolution. Sometimes eczema occurs around or near the mollusks (redness, scaling, itching), which translates as an immune response of the patient and usually precedes its disappearance – although it is not a premonitory sign constantly.

Although they do not require mandatory treatment because the immune system eventually eliminates them, it is normal for them to stay for weeks or months and cause a problem in school or in the sports activities as a source of contagion or are of concern to cause parents. There are different therapeutic options. There are different therapeutic options. Classically, mollusks have been physically removed by curettage, colloquially known as the teaspoon technique, under topical anesthesia. However, this process is stressful for the child and for the parents, it usually bleeds during the realization, and can cause irreversible scars. Other physical options may be freezing by liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy) or the fulguration with CO2 laser. These methods are optimal when there is a low number of mollusks, but when they are numerous it is suggested the home application of astringent solutions for a few days to facilitate the immune response of the host and the natural elimination thereof.