Stretch marks

Stretch marks appear as a result of the rupture of the skin by an excess of tension and usually appear in adolescents and pregnant women or in sudden weight changes.

There are few treatments that have scientific evidence to support its usefulness in improving stretch marks. The combination of the non-ablative laser and fractional ablative laser is the only procedure capable of repairing the affected skin in a few sessions.

The non-ablative fractionated laser allows the synthesis of collagen to be stimulated and consequently repairs the dermal fissures of the skin (stretch marks). It acts through deep heat, so it doesn’t generate wounds or scabs that make visible the treatment from the outside.

The ablative fractional laser is a complement to the above one especially for those very deep stretch marks, of great amplitude and that require a greater intensity of energy to be eliminated.

The therapy is performed through several sessions (a minimum of 6 in total), separated by a month and with a duration of few minutes.

The combination of these lasers provides a progressive improvement in the appearance of stretch marks (if they are white) or make them disappear (when they are pink and recent).