Nails, like the rest of the body, can also suffer from different diseases. Although generally, these disorders are not serious and are usually easy to treat it is important to know how to detect them in time to prevent and/or detect possible health problems. The origins of these pathologies can be multiple, but mostly stress, pollution and inadequate nutrition are the main sources of most of the conditions of the nails.



It is an infection caused by the uncontrolled reproduction of microscopic fungi. It normally causes the elevation of a part of the nail by the accumulation of a little viscous secretion, the appearance of small white patches on the surface of the nail and the thickening of the infected finger. It is important to identify the type of fungus to be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment for its elimination.


It is a common condition because the nail, often of the big toe, grows inside the nail fold causing a little wound that causes pain, swelling and even infection.

It is usually caused for using a bad footwear, for a bad cut for nails, by a hyperspiration of the foot or for deviations or malformations of the fingers.

The treatment of the nail nailed, to be definitive, we recommend to make a small intervention to eliminate the part of the nail that is nailed and thus to avoid the injury and that it is repeated again.


It is a malformation of the surface of the nails that doesn’t cause pain but it adds a texture peculiar to the touch of the nails. We must distinguish between:

  • Longitudinal striae marks: they usually appear with age, from the age of 60 for hereditary reasons.
  • Transverse striae or “Beau lines”: in this case we talk about an alteration in the growth of the nails caused by poor diet, fever, as a result of certain medications or as a sign of some pathology. It is for this reason that it is recommended to visit your dermatologist to determine the cause and to be able to treat it as quickly as possible.